OCD Therapist – Getting the Best OCD Therapist For You

OCD Therapist – Getting the Best OCD Therapist For You

It is highly recommended for any OCD or obsessive compulsive disorder patient to get help from OCD therapist with background experience and have had training in cognitive behavioural therapy. More specifically, those therapist who have had worked with a method called exposure and response prevention. Knowingly, there are a lot of OCD sufferers who wishes to find a good advice for directions in finding a good quality therapist. Here are some organizations and associations that offer a good list of OCD therapists that have appropriate training for expediently treating OCD.

Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies

The association offers the best listings of OCD of therapists all around the globe. They do have a website as well wherein you can refer to further affirmation of their credentials. This association strongly encourages, extensive research and study and practice of scientifically validated means to treatment in the field of cognitive behaviours therapy. This therapy is basically the roots of exposure and response prevention method.

Academy of Cognitive Therapy

This organization holds the list of the best therapists that deals with OCD treatment London . They are highly trained in comprehending and deciphering the cognitive aspects of OCD. Needless to say, that the specialists have degrees from top cognitive therapy schools, this will ensure you of optimum results.

Obsessive Compulsive Foundation

It is a non-profit organization whose main endeavour is to spread awareness about OCD to the public  in order to prevent ignorance and to educate OCD patients with the right knowledge and what to do with their problem. They have several articles concerning OCD and about their foundation, published on print and on sites for further user reference. They also have a good list of OCD therapist that can help you with your efforts to do away with OCD.

If you are able to find that one or more specialist is present in any of the list mentioned above, then there is a great likelihood that the specialist is of calibre and is greatly recognized for his practice and expertise; they probably have greater experience as well in dealing with OCD than any other else in the lists. Factors in choosing should not just end there, you should still further ask questions, inquire from local healthcare center for additional inputs. You should also understand that not all the time that the therapists on the list chose to be placed there, and that some of them are just placed due to high referrals.

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