isOnline for Digital Marketers

isOnline for Digital Marketers

The technological breakthrough and the advent of the world wide web have allowed us to reach all parts of the earth. Along with this, the world and almost all of its people, has gone digital. For digital marketers, gone were the days when you have to wait for days to build your presence in the market. Everything becomes a click away! Just as when almost everything that we need is now online, it makes us realize the important role of keeping our websites up all the time.

Your website is your business identity. This answers why businesses should invest in creating their websites. Your business site is the frontline of your sales. It can make or break your sales goals as a company.

Behind successfully running a website for your business, is the importance of making use of site monitoring tools. It feels bad to receive complaints from customers that your site is down instead of getting opportunities and converting them into sales. And when you refer this concern to your network administrator, you would feel worse when he tells you that the system is down. Getting a great website monitoring service is the technical side of SEO optimization. Keyword ranking should go hand in hand with monitoring and keeping your website up all the time. For digital marketers, this can mean additional workload without the right tools.

This is where my favorite web accessibility evaluation tool comes in – the isOnline website uptime monitoring service. It offers convenience and efficiency in tracking your website’s uptime 24/7! That’s basically how websites should serve their purpose – to represent your business even beyond office hours.

isOnline is every digital marketer’s friend for a hassle-free running of your business website. Here’s how:


  1. They answer the whys to your site’s inaccessibility. A customer informs you that he cannot access your website. It is always to our advantage to be able to politely address such concerns without the need to transfer the line to our IT staff. When a reliable site monitoring service is in place, like isOnline, they can detect the problem and you can expect the answer to your whys.


  1. In the same way that they promise to track your website’s uptime all day, every day, they walk the talk. They are monitoring your site’s performance round the clock. This type of consistency in tracking is an essential part of data gathering to improve the website and can help in suggesting a better end-user experience for your customers.


  1. isOnline gets you to the root of the problem. Testing the website is one of the vital roles that site monitoring services render. This feature helps save IT professionals and webmasters in your company from spending more working hours for site testing alone. isOnline got you covered on that! They collect data from the tests and summarize it through a report. From there, network administrators can troubleshoot in a timely manner and can resolve any identified problem immediately.

  2. Getting a reliable website monitoring service in place is like hiring someone to look after your property from the outside. Your company’s network administrators can take charge of the overall technical aspect of website management. This means that you have a team to look after the internal management of your site. However, internal data collection and testing are not 100% efficient. They also fail at detecting problems related to the up or downtimes of your website. isOnline serves as your independent website monitoring service that will monitor your site’s performance outside of your network. This is especially very vital when your internal management system crashes, which really happens. You would not want each moment your website is down because this would mean lost sales for your business.


  1. In today’s digital world, a great business website is gauged through the traffic it generates which translates into profits. It is, therefore, important to set clear procedures to undertake in ensuring that our business website works for its purpose. The three most important aspects to look at are content, design, and accessibility or uptime. You cannot showcase your site content and design if your website is down. We have to be systematic with this. The tool isOnline provides a systematic way of website monitoring that uses a wide variety of variables such as external system network, bandwidth, database, server connectivity, and an established performance metrics. These variables are in place to monitor the consistency, reliability, accessibility, and efficiency of your business website.

  In digital marketing, creating a website is a good move for your business, and getting a reliable website monitoring service makes it better. Nowadays, when the business competition is now online, it is not enough to just create a website. Great website management goes beyond the content and design, it is also equally important to ensure that the site is up all the time and performs to your business advantage in the competition.

Keeping track of your website’s uptime all day, every day is isOnline’s promise. And here’s the good news, the service is FREE for now and you can use it without the commitment to sign up. Enjoy your free website uptime test now and see for yourself how and why the website monitoring service will help you on top of the game. Click here.

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