Cardboard Boxes – Cost-Effective As Well As Eco-Friendly

Cardboard Boxes – Cost-Effective As Well As Eco-Friendly

When it comes to avail cardboard boxes for your arduous packaging stuffs, Corrugated cardboard is the best option available. If you are now thinking that what this corrugated cardboard is all about, then let me tell you, it is nothing different than a cardboard, moreover it is available in single, double and triple walls.

o Cost-efficient- As the corrugated cardboard is renewable in nature, it is provided at minimal cost.
o Safety-As there are no sharp edges or secedes, it is easy to carry and is safe.
o Environmental friendly- As the boxes are made from recycled materials, they are renewable and hence can be used for years and years .
o Easy printing: The box lets you to mark your company names, logos etc easily, as other material hardly allow.
o Completely durable: The boxes are made with material that is comes with a long lasting guarantee.

The Corrugated cardboard also known as brown boxes, it is not made with any ordinary cardboard; rather it holds three complex layers of cardboard that are known as outer liner, which is the exterior of the box, inner liner which is a hardcore and prevents the box from heavy damage. Then final layer is the Fluting medium that maintains the whole durability of the box, it can retain extreme heat and pressure.

You must be thinking which material is used for making these boxes, well staple material for constructing these boxes is pine tress, and the companies manufacturing these boxes probably have their own land in which these trees are grown. There are chemicals Box Stapler involved in the process of their manufacturing, a fibrous pulp is made, and this pulp is used for making large rolls of Kraft papers through a process. However corrugated boxes are made by the process of recycling, which involves breaking of the box and method is same as making corrugated box from scratch.

Qbb, a brand name that delivers proficient services in making corrugated cardboard boxes across New Zealand. They aim for a complete improved packaging process that gives the customers best service, company’s expert team creates products that serve the people in a best possible way.

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